AI and Fintech Free Speech Platform Group Set to Acquire a Stake In a Digital Bank And A New Stable Coin

AI and Fintech free speech platform Group set to acquire a stake in a Digital Bank and a new stablecoin.

TruthGroup.social which owns numerous free speech platforms such as Truthbook.social and TruthTube.video, and stakes in Independent Media, said it’s close to finalising a strategic stake in a new Digital Bank, soon to launch, and a new stablecoin set to compete against the USDT.

TruthGroup announced recently it is close to finalising its majority takeover of Truthcoin.social, and asset back it with 400 million of its shares.

This would mean the price of the listed cryptocurrency could surge, which is trading at approximately $0.02 cents with an implied market valuation of $8 million USD.

TruthGroups focus is to get a valuation of up to $1 billion, meaning its cryptocurrency price would rise to $2.20 USD, approximately.

Truthcoin currently trades on Azbit.com Crypto exchange and recently was added to Uniswap.

“It is now taking direct sales via debit or credit card in its site Truthcoin.social, in anticipation of growing sales for investors wanting to purchase before it becomes 100% asset backed by 400 million shares,“ it said.

It’s believed its stake in a new digital bank is to assist with its licensing requirements and to provide a full range of naming services, not just crypto.

It’s stated it’s after the business of BRICS nations and an alternative to the broken Western financial system that’s on the verge of collapse and is pushing for the CBDC’s which it warns citizens is a “slave coin”.

It’s betting the alternative ecosystem for freedom lovers will grow into a multi-trillion dollar market.

It’s set to test launch its own unbiased search engine in Truthlook.com which it expects to generate large usage, and it’s TruthChatGPT, an unbias ChatGPT version.