10 Founding Investors for Truthbook.social Cryptocurrency Truthcoin To Qualify for $250,000 USD for Just $25,000 Investment

10 Founding Investors for Truthbook.social Cryptocurrency Truthcoin To Qualify for $250,000 USD for Just $25,000 Investment

By Covid Global News

10 Founding Investors for Truthbook.social cryptocurrency Truthcoin to qualify for $250,000 USD for just a $25,000 investment

If you haven’t heard of www.truthbook.social yet, you soon may as it racks up faster than Facebook user growth in the beginning.

A new social media platform Truthbook.social, also known as ANR Social, is built by the people for the people, a force for good. What will also help drive ongoing user growth for www.truthbook.social is instead of relying on Institutional investors who chase fast growing platforms, it’s allowing its users to potentially profit from its success by using www.truthcoin.social, one of the new hot cryptos to enable users to share in its success.

Truthcoin enables Truthbook.social to self-fund itself and with a large growing user base of every user getting $50 USD for joining and more for being active across the network, users become invested in the platform’s success.

Early donors can donate as little as $1000 USD but it gets them $7500 USD in Truthcoin.

Truthcoin is due to list on miss tier markets such as Azbit www.azbit.com and Coinsbit www.coinsbit.io by May 2022.

But what’s also unique and generous of Truthbook.social, not to be confused with Trump’s Truth.social Twitter-style platform coming out, that’s worth a massive $10 billion already, is that Truthcoin donors earn 15% pa simply for parking their funds into Truthcoin.

But as the earliest donors get the most generous deals it’s actually 15% on the $7500 USD in Truthcoin as an example users can donate only $1000 to get.

That’s a massive $1025 USD fixed return on their $1000 outlay plus any capital growth the coin achieves over the 12 months.

This innovative way of funding the social media platform, can ensure its success with users effectively being the owners.

Those able to donate even more stand to potentially profit even more as with millions of users expected to join and Truthcoin already able to be used via a conversion to spend at 38,000 merchants across Australia and New Zealand, and some global partners, plus it’s considered as advertising credit across its Global Independent media partners, its already real currency with real use value.

But as it takes off it is using a different model to help fund its user growth by letting users become donors and receive its new cryptocurrency, www.truthcoin.social to fund it.

It’s a way users can support a new platform they believe in, but also potentially profit from its future success.

It has just announced also 10 Founding Investors can turn $25,000 into a massive $250,000 USD in Truthcoin, and help be a key contributor to its funding goals.

But this is where donors or founding investors can earn big time for parking funds in Truthcoin. 15% pa is paid on the full $250,000 in Truthcoin that is an outlay of only $25,000 USD. That’s a $37,500 being 15% of the $250,000, earn in Truthcoin starting immediately over the next 12 months, redeemable after the end of term.

For those who don’t qualify, or have such funds, the good news is you can still donate as little as $1000 USD and qualify for a very generous $7500 USD in Truthcoin.

Truthcoin can also be instantly converted to be spent with 38,000 merchants Australia and New Zealand wide some Global Merchants and can be used to pay for advertising credit across Global Independent Media.

Or many savvy crypto enthusiasts are using Truthcoin 15% pa fixed return paid end of 12 months to simply park their funds.

Truthcoin is backed by an experienced team, and is due to list on mid-tier exchanges later in May 2022. www.truthcoin.social offers large incentives for donors such as:

$1000 USD turns into $4000 Truthcoin

$2500 USD turns into $15,000 Truthcoin

$5000 USD turns into $40,000 Truthcoin

$10,000 USD turns into $100,000 Truthcoin

$15,000 USD turns into $175,000 Truthcoin

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