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Private Placement

How savvy investors can 5X, up to 30X using private placements in Crypto - ie turn potentially $1000 into $5000 or $10,000 into $200,000

Many have never heard of private placements.Especially with crypto currency. Private Placements are more common with the stock market. It’s when publicly listed companies may wish to raise further capital. They sometimes will offer private placements ( off market transactions) to sophisticated investors,generally on investment banking high networth client lists or existing stockholders.

So what they’ll do via brokers generally is offer a discount for their stocks / shares to existing shareholders and select investors.

So if their stock price is say $1. They may issue a private placement at say $0.60 cents.
It means existing investors and select others can buy them cheaply, below the existing trading price.

They’ll often come with an escrow period ie a period where you can’t sell the stock, to stop the price dropping immediately from investors buying at $0.60 cents and trying to dump them on the market instantly at $1.00.

So if the escrow period is say 6 months, it means they can’t re sell the stock they get for $0.60 cents via the off market private placement, for 6 months.

So in a nutshell it helps companies raise fresh capital or sell larger volumes of larger shareholders exiting easier, and without dumping a heap of stock on the open market and depressing the price.

But what’s exciting is now it can also be done with the Crypto Market. So if you are in the know and or get access to such deals, then you can potentially buy heavily discounted cryptos, well below the trading price and potential turn $1000 into $5000 ( 5X) or $10,000 into $200,000 (20X) or even $250,000 into $7.5 million (30X)

Truthcoin Private Placement Limited offers.

Truthcoin is making a limited Private Placements available for select investors.

The current offers are listed below.

These are very time limited.
These offers are mostly as a result of certain Independent Media and other not for profit organisations, who received free crypto currency for their assistance in the project or for funding to help their missions of their organisations, who wish to sell at steep discounts to convert to cash some of their holdings. Truthcoin is helping match larger volumes with savvy investors, via a private placement, off market to facilitate larger volumes, to avoid dumping on public crypto exchanges , and to enable existing holders and select investors to benefit from steep discounts.

Note this offer is not open to everyone.

Truthcoin currently trades in the Azbit exchange and has done so since July 30,2023. It acquired Bitcoin 2.0 in 2022,which had traded since mid 2022.
See truthcoin.social to read the whitepaper and to to do your due diligence. All investing, including crypto investing carries risk, and you should seek independent professional advice before any investing. Small cap cryptos often have liquidity issues, until they grow in sufficient volume.

Private Placement for Truthcoin.

The current trading price is currently around $0.10 cents, down from a recent $0.17 cents. It listed at $0.20 cents and has been as high as $1.03 and as low as $0.005 cents. The below offers come with a 6 month escrow period. However you can earn 15% pa from holding your coins for a minimum of 12 months.

$1000 USD Investment (11 remaining)

Market price $0.10 cents

The discounted price that you can purchase at is only $0.02

A $1000 USD purchase becomes worth $5000 at current market prices, or $10,000 at it’s listed price.

$2500 USD Purchase Price is $0.015 cents ( 7 remaining)

Becomes worth $17,000 approximately at the current market price or $34,000,at it’s listed price.

$5000 USD placement. (6 remaining)

Purchase Price is $0.001

$5000 becomes $50,000 at current market prices or $100,000 at the listed price.

$10,000 USD Placement. (3 remaining)

Purchase Price $0.0075

$10,000 becomes $125,000 at the current market price,or $250,000 at the listed price.

$25,000 USD Placement (2 remaining )

Purchase Price of $0.005

$25,000 becomes 20X at the current market price of $500,000, or $1 million at the listed price

$50,000 USD Placement Sold Out

$75,000 Placement Sold Out

$100,000 USD Placement (1 available)

Purchase price of $0.004

$100,000 becomes 25X or $2.5 million at the current prices, or $5 million at the list price

Guarantee Buy back at 36 months, simply add 7.5% extra fee. This guarantees that this placement will be purchased back at the above placement price in 36 months if requested or pro rata remaining. No 15% pa staking is paid if this option is taken.

$250,000 USD Placement (Only 2 available ) Purchase Price of $0.00333

$250,000 becomes 30X at the current market price, being $7.5 million or $15 million at the list price.

Guarantee Buy back at 36 months, simply add 7.5% extra fee. This guarantees that this placement will be purchased back at the above placement price in 36 months if requested or pro rata remaining. No 15% pa staking is available with this option.

*This offer is not available for US or Singapore residents, or Australian retail investors,only sophisticated Investors

To access these offers email your details and question to


Bank account for investors to pay to for the private placement in truthcoin Or pay via crypto

Or pay via crypto