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Truthcoin price jumps erratically moving from 2.5 cents to 21 cents in a day

Truthcoin price jumps erratically moving from 2.5 cents to 21 cents in a day

The crypto market is in a bear market and has been for most of 2022,creating alot of volatility. One small cap crypto,Truthcoin which quietly listed in July 2022, has recently seen its price jump as much as almost 10 times in a single day recently from $0.025 cents to $0.21 cents, to finish trading at $0.10 cents for the day.
It’s unknown what caused such price jumps,but for those seeking to capitalise on its swings when it’s price drops, certainly have been able to profit rapidly from such large jumps in price, making a 10x return in a single day.
One analyst suggested the price jump may have been from the plans by the TruthGroup to buy out a majority stake of Truthcoin,and make the coin asset backed with 400 million TruthGroup shares.

TruthGroup.social is a free speech tech company that’s buying up independent media outlets and operates free speech platforms such as the fast growing social media Facebook alternative in Truthbook.social and YouTube alternative in TruthTube.video.

It’s also planning to do the same as Elon Musk is rumoured to be planning to do with Twitter and create a PayPal alternative.

Truthcoin is working on a PayPal alternative app to be called TruthPay and to work also across its social media platforms as a payment app.

It’s believed Elon Musk has been approached to invest into TruthGroup.

Volatility is expected to continue across all cryptos,and especially smaller cap crypto’s.

Truthcoin trades on the Azbit.com mid tier exchange under ticker TRP