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Thank you for donating to Truthcoin.

Please see below detailed instructions in order to create a Truthcoin Wallet. The instructions are set up in two parts.

Part 1 : How to create a Truthpay Wallet. 

Part 2 : How to receive Truthpay Coins in your wallet

Part 1 : How to download and create your wallet:

Step 1: Download Tronlink Wallet app on your computer or mobile device via below link only.

Step 2: Once downloaded, please click on “Add Wallet”, select “Request Address”, Enter wallet name of your choice and click on “Generate New Address”.

Step 3: Click on “Asset Management” and then search for “Truthpay” and click + to add the token

Part 2: How to receive Truthpay Coins in your wallet

Once you successfully created Truthpay Wallet as per Part 1 above, you need to send your wallet address to our technical team as per below:

Step 1: In order to view your wallet address, please click on “Receive” tab as per below and copy the address. (it is important that you copy the address)

Step 2: Please send your wallet address to wallets@truthcoin.social. (It is important that you send
only wallet address copied above and not the QR Code or recovery phrase)

While sending your wallet address, please include following details in order to verify your details
as per our records
• Your Full name
• Your Email Address
• Date you purchased the coins
• USD amount you donated and the number of total coins you qualified to receive including bonus coins

Step 3: Our team will transfer your eligible coins (includes Bonus offers at the time you purchased the coins and send you confirmation via email)

Step 4: You will be able to see your Truthpay Coins in your wallet created in Part 1.

Please note that as per the terms and conditions set out in the whitepaper, you will not be able to send, swap
or trade your TruthPay Coins for 90 days escrow period.

Truthpay Coin is going to be listed on Azbit – a mid-tier crypto exchange on 30th June 2022. The ticker will be
TRP and the trading pairs will be TRP/USDT, TRP/ETH and TRP/BTC.

You can register your account with the exchange via below link.

Note. Our World Coin holders receive the same number of Truthcoin as entitled to in Our World Coin and 90 day escrow period ( can’t sell for 90 days from listing ) and at a rate of 8.33% per month maximum over 12 months as per the Whitepaper.

Bitcoin 2.0 Acquisition.

Sale terms of $0.10 cents, means every 2 Bitcoin 2.0 will be exchanged for 1 TruthCoin. (6 month escrow then a sell down at 25% per month maximum over 4 months. Default option.
However anyone wanting only 90 day escrow can request but the terms are exchange rate of 4 Bitcoin 2.0 for 1 Truthcoin.

No timeline.
As you can trade for 90 days escrow you have ample time

You can buy opening a Azbits trading account, and buying after June 30 via the Exchange . These coins bought via the exchange have no lock up period ie they can be resold at any time.